How It Works

Find a Car Canada
Monday-Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Closed

New Vehicles

  1. Choose the vehicle(s) you would like a quote on.
  2. Request a quote for a cash, finance or lease quote, ($20) per vehicle. Your fee includes 3 different terms of a cash, lease, or finance. For example, you can request a cash purchase price, a 24 month lease, and a 36 month finance with one quote.
  3. We supply you your total cost for the vehicle on a purchase, lease, or finance. The price is on the road and includes all fees except for licensing.
  4. Let us know if you have a trade and we will make arrangements with you to get it appraised.
  5. We will process everything online and over the phone. You don’t have to step into a dealership until you pick up your new vehicle.
  6. You pick up your vehicle directly from a dealership with no stickers or advertising on it. The vehicle and warranty goes directly into your name, and maintenance can be done anywhere in North America.
Other Terms:
  1. We will refund you the price of one quote ($20 + HST) if you purchase the vehicle through us.
  2. If you get a better price on the vehicle, send us a bill of sale from the dealership signed by the business manager. This must clearly outline your total price including all fees. If this beats our price by $200 or more, we will refund your quote fee on that vehicle if we cannot match it.


  1. I have found a vehicle that I want at a dealership already; can you help me negotiate a deal? We do not offer any negotiation services; our drive away price for new vehicles is only offered by specific dealerships.
  2. What if I don't see the vehicle I want listed? Though we specialize in Japanese and Korean vehicles, we have contacts for most vehicle manufacturers. Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
  3. I have already placed an order for a vehicle. Can you help me get out of that deal so I can deal with you? If you have already signed a contract and given a deposit, we cannot legally assist you in getting out of your current deal.
  4. Do you offer special interest rates on a lease or finance? Leasing and financing is done through the manufacturer/dealer and as such we cannot offer special interest rates.

Used Vehicles

  1. Let us know what vehicle you would like. Please give as much detail as possible.
  2. Request us to find a used vehicle, $100 + HST. If we cannot locate a vehicle that matches your specifications or budget, we will refund $50 of your upfront fee.
  3. We will attempt to locate a vehicle for you from one of our trusted dealers, with the option to bring it to a mechanic of your choosing prior to purchase.


  1. Do you deal with rare, exotic, or older/classic cars? (eg :Lamborghini, 1967 Ford Mustang)? Unfortunately, we do not.
  2. Can you deal with a particular dealership or help me negotiate a price for a vehicle I found? We only deal with a select few dealerships and used car sellers we trust to guarantee you are receiving a quality vehicle at a good price.
  3. Can I lease/finance/purchase a vehicle from you instead of a dealership? We do not offer leasing/financing services. This must be arranged through the dealership/manufacturer, or your own bank/credit line.